I live in Dublin City centre off Henrietta Street and having spent much of my life in the city centre where I went to school and university. I know Dublin well but I have worked for multi-nationals I had the opportunity to live and work in many different countries including Korea, Sweden, the UK and California and I have visited about 40 countries in Europe and Asia. Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to visit Africa or South America but the compensation is that there are now many people from those parts of the World living in Dublin and I do get to meet many of them. As a matter of interest more than 20% of the local population was born outside Ireland.

After a suggestion by a friend from Italy, back in 2004, I began the Streets Of Dublin project with the mission of photographing all aspects of a city that was at the time undergoing rapid change which came to a sudden stop in 2008. However, both decline and depression offer many photographic opportunities for a street photographer so there was much to photograph since I started using Flickr in 2006.

It is now 2019 and the city is once again expanding and changing at a very rapid pace and I have difficulty keeping pace.

I really do hope that Brexit does not have a massive negative impact on the local economy.


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