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Unfortunately my Sony A7RM2 is coming to the end of its life and I am certain that it will be necessary to replace it within the next twelve months. The problem is that Sony prices are increasing at a rapid rate. For example the new A9 costs about Euro 5,250 here in Ireland which leads me to believe that the replacement for my camera could cost between 7,000 and 9,000 assuming that they introduce an A9R. If they introduce a A7Rmk3 the price is likely to range from Euro 5,000 to 7,000 but I am nor willing to pay that for an upgrade.

I would be more likely to purchase an A9R than an updated A7R. As the price of the A9R is likely to be very high I am considering various options including the new Fujifilm Medium Format body which retails at Euro 7,000. Of course I would have to buy a selection of lenses.

However while planning for the future I am currently auditing my current equipment in order to decide if I should get rid of it or if I can utilise any of it in the future. In the case of the Canon one solution would be to buy some good glass which could also be used with Sony mirrorless bodies. I started the morning believing that this might be an option but the results were disappointing. There is no doubt that AF is a problem but the lens may be part of the problem I will check it with a Sony body within the next few days.

Canon 1Ds MKIII

Back in 2008 the Canon 1Ds MkIII was describes as follows: “The Canon 1Ds Mk III is the world's best consumer digital-capture landscape and still image camera. If you want better technical quality, you'll have to look at klunky commercial medium-format systems which start at five figures and go up from there. Better, the 1Ds Mk III is far easier to carry and use every day in bad outdoors conditions than any of the medium format systems. The 1Ds takes rain and dirt in stride.”

Back then I had no intention of buying this camera but I visited a Camera Shop in Dublin to ask about a Canon 5D and the dealer suggested that he could let me have the 1Ds with a kit lens for Euro 6,000 and as the price elsewhere was close to 10,000 I said that i would think about it. The next day I phoned to ask him to confirm the price and that the price included VAT. Later in the day I paid a Euro 2,000 deposit. When I went to the shop to collect the camera there was a different person there and they could not find the camera and the next day they phoned to say that the camera was missing but that they would honour the deal but I would have to wait three or four weeks for it to arrive from Canon.

By the time it arrived I had gone off the deal but I went ahead anyway. I never did like the camera but I thought that the problems that I had were due to my lack of skill but later I discovered that there was a bug which impacted on auto-focus.

Dust on the sensor was a constant problem camera was very heavy.But to be honest my real problem was that, because of a lack of cash, I purchased poor quality glass.

Within a year I began switching to mirrorless and used the 1Ds less and less and frequently allowed others to borrow it together with my lenses. Last Christmas the last borrower purchased some of the lenses but returned the body as he had obtained a 5D.


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