Starting New Years Day 2016 I will be devoting much more time to my street photography activities and I have already invested in new computer and photographic equipment. The main change will be the completion of my migration from DSLR to Mirrorless coupled with a greater usage of video. My main computer is now a iMac 5K and my camera of choice is now a Sony A7R Mark II [ I cannot begin to tell you how I am exicited I am about this camera ] but unfortunately I will not be in a position to purchase a set of high quality full-frame lenses until April or May of 2016. However, as I have a Metabones adapter I can use my Canon glass with the Sony body and the good news is that the combination works very well.

The Streets Of Dublin site has suffered from many technical problems and other issues over the last few years and eventually it got to the stage that I have had no option but to start over again.

For about six years I have favoured Wordpress but my hosting services have constantly complained that I am overusing available resources and in some cases they have decided that they did not want me as a customer unless I was willing to upgrade to a much more expensive contracts. As my sites are a hobby rather than a business and as I am unwilling to finance expensive hosting costs I am now dropping the more annoying hosting services and I am beginning the process of setting up my own servers which will come online during 2016.

I am now in the process of re-building the Streets Of Dublin and I have decided to use  software other than  Wordpress  and I am actively researching a number of interesting options.


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